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Southbaypartnership.com is owned by The Milo Foundation, international distributors of dietary and beauty products since 2010.

We source and supply the very latest and best products on the market from our centres in the UK and Turkey.

All our products have been on sale worldwide for many years and have also been seen regularly on TV and in top selling magazines primarily in the UK and USA since their launch.

At buyslimmingtablets.co.uk we strive to be the most innovative in the industry and we are constantly working on new products and improving existing ones.

This is a site designed to help you to find the best diet pills on the market to help you to lose weight quickly and effectively. They all have the right ingredients, they have appropriate and effective amounts, and they do not cause serious side effects. All of this is of course a big deal when you are actually trying to find the best diet tablets.

Please do contact us by using the contact form on this site if you have any queries or questions, we are waiting to help you to lose weight.




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