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Date added: 15/11/2014 Fast Food Diet Weight Loss Health

Fast Food

Fast food became popular in the United States of America in 1950s and is known to be the largest industry of fast food in the world. As the term denotes it is food that takes very less time to prepare, is easily accessible and low in cost. Fast foods are usually high in saturated fat, salt, sugar, and calorie. Statistics prove that the percentage of Americans spending on fast food is very high due to the subsidized rate by the government on various products. Some of the common fast foods are burgers, pizzas, soft drinks, potato fries, chicken nuggets, sandwiches, etc. people who consume too much of fast food tend to have very poor diets.

Nearly, every street corner in US, we find fresh, ready-made fast food centres. Fast food industry has grown and become very popular because of myriad of reasons, some of them are they can be made easily and quickly, they do not amount much, they are considered to be fun and entertaining food, they are tasty.


Diet is a course of meal which people usually restrict in order to lose weight or because they are suggested by medical experts. A healthy and proper diet improves quality of life, life span of individual and health.  A healthy diet requires consumption of vitamins, proteins, minerals, pulses, carbohydrates, fats, etc. A balanced diet is eating proper amount of food and eating plenty of grains, fruits, vegetables, pulses, dairy foods, proteins, plenty of water, and very less amount of fat and saturated sugar.

A balanced and healthy diet gives proper nutrition to the body, to fight diseases, and stay physically healthy. A healthy diet helps to intake correct calorie and have appropriate nutrition level. It also helps to recovery from any injuries and reduces body composition.

Effects of Fast Food

People all around the world consume too much fast food as it is easily accessible and low in cost. But too much consumption of fast food can cause health issues. It is very important to have a balanced diet when one consumes too much of fast food. Some of the ill effects of fast food are:

  • Fast food can damage your liver. Foods with high fats are bad for the liver as it causes enzymes that can cause hepatitis and also cause liver failure. Damage to liver is caused due to the chemicals that are added to the frozen items to keep them fresh.
  • Fast food consumption leads to obesity. Nearly most people are facing the problem of obesity because the cooking oil that is used to prepare these foods contains preservative elements to preserve the shelf life.
  • Fast food contains very high amount of fats, cholesterol, saturated salt and sugar. This leads to heart problems, stroke, heart attacks and also death.
  • Fast food are causes diabetic problems which can lead to further complications in the body such as glaucoma, kidney disorder, loos of hearing, damage to the nerve or high blood pressure.

Hence, we can conclude that fast food might be convenient and safe time but when consumed on a regular basis can lead to very serious problems to health.



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